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Trailer Scalabrine

All time NBA fan favorite, Brian Scalabrine, is on a quest to drink a better sports drink using coconut water called Greater Than. However, NBA policy dictates that players can only drink one inferior brand made with artificial ingredients. Nothing will stop the White Mamba on his quest to be Greater Than.

Episode 1 The Brothers

Two Davids take on the Goliaths of the Sports Drink industry with semi-legal underground marketing. Pro athletes smell electrolytes in the air.

Episode 2 Enter the Mamba

Brian Scalabrine picks up on what the Juice Brothers are putting down. The White Mamba wants a hook up, but it's against League Policy.

Episode 3 Blacklisted

Brian Scalabrine tries to hydrate naturally, even though he knows it's against League Policy. No juice for you!

Episode 4 Kidnapped!

Desperate for his GT, Scalabrine chases down the brothers in hopes of finally getting some GT.

Episode 5 Stealing the Juice

The White Mamba is in need of some serious natural hydration. He's tried buying it. He's tried asking nicely for it. Now he sees another option.

Episode 6 The Getaway

Mamba goes undercover as Honest Abe to score the GT. Then he escapes in a Mustang GT!

Episode 7 Game Time

The White Mamba has finally scored his electrolytes. But Greater Than still violates League Policy, so Scal disguises his bottles.



Episode 1:

The Brothers

Episode 2:

Enter the Mamba

Episode 3:


Episode 4:


Episode 5:

Stealing the Juice

Episode 6:

The Getaway

Episode 7:

Game Time


Jon GT Founder

Jon, aka Young Sider, graduated from Tulane University. He excels in sports, & is legendarily known for performing a 7 minute 30 second plank in a training session at EFT Sports Performance.

Mark GT Founder

Mark, aka Old Sider, excels in athletics & formerly played professional golf on mini tours. In an all day match with Michael Jordan he shot a 5 under 31 on the final nine which was the ultimate Greater Than Moment.

The Greater Than Story

The competitive-athletic brothers needed a better sports drink that fueled performance, tasted great, and that was made with only natural ingredients. The problem was this did not exist. So the brothers teamed up to create a brand and a drink that represented the best of sports nutrition, health, and the pursuit of getting better. Launched in one store in the summer of 2010, Greater Than has been winning over loyal consumers based on quality ingredients, community involvement, and effective grass roots marketing. Try some for yourself & join the revolution!


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